Success Story – Merge of data

Agnieszka Marcińczak (Manager): What was the goal of the project? Can you describe it briefly?

Marco Bichel (Director Business Development & Consulting, Sales Health Care): The goal of the project was to merge the data of two health insurance companies. BKK Achenbach BuschhĆ¼tten was merged with VIACTIV Krankenkasse.  It was not only about the one-time data migration, but also about developing a solution that can be used for further mergers (Blueprint). The general contractor and our client was Mobil ISC GmbH. The project duration was 16 months.  

Agnieszka: What was so unique about the project?

Marco: The challenge was that the data was migrated from a 21c|ng environment to the oscareĀ® suite. Technically, this migration was the first time that complete- data was transferred to oscareĀ®. There had already been mergers where only parts of the data were migrated from 21c|ng to oscareĀ®.

Susan Brueckmann (Consulting Manager): Due to the Corona pandemic, almost the entire project was done remotely. This was new for us, as we had managed our projects directly at the customer’s site before the pandemic. From time to time, the quick coordination „over the desk” was missing, however, this did not detract from the success of the project.

Agnieszka: How big was the Axxiome Health team?

Susan: The Axxiome Health project team consisted of many consultants and developers. At peak times, we had more than 15 people working full-time on the project. What stands out is the very good teamwork between all participants.

Agnieszka: What was the biggest challenge for the Axxiome Health team?

Marco: The biggest challenge was analyzing the processes and data from the source system. Each health insurance company is individual in its processes. So how can you prepare the information from a source data perspective so that it is compatible with the structure in the target? It is important to be able to rely on strong partners with whom you can jointly design the migration. We succeeded in doing that.

Agnieszka: What is our success?

Susan: Together with all the partners involved, we managed to make the migrated data available on the target date. We celebrated this success.

We are grateful to all our colleagues involved, their expertise and their commitment to this project. The great efforts of all the staff throughout the entire project period have paid off.

Agnieszka: What would you recommend to others facing this kind of challenge? What are your lessons learned?

Susan: There is always something that can be done better next time. An open and cooperative relationship among all participants and regular exchange about things that go well and bad things in the project always contribute to reaching the goal together successfully.

Clear communication is the be-all and end-all.

It is important that all project participants are involved in the communication and that (partial) goals are presented transparently.

If, for example, the question „who delivers what to whom by when?” is defined, everyone involved knows what they can expect. Disappointments and frustration can thus be minimized.

That’s something I took away from the project. In short: talking helps.

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Susan Brueckmann
Consulting Manager
Marco Bichel
Director Business Development & Consulting, Sales Health Care